Here you can find instructions on setting up and using essential functionalities of the admin panel.


You can automatically suggest newly registered users to follow specific creators on your app in order to boost their followers and spice up the new user's following feed.
To do that, you can go to the Users page and click the green, Suggest button to add that user to list of suggestions. To remove or further manage the order of your suggested users, you can use the Suggestions page.


The discover page shows hashtag challenges and clip sections added via admin panel.
To manage challenges, you can add them through Challenges page and the app will automatically show all clips tagged with the challenge's hashtag when clicked on it.
Similarly, you can create clip sections from Clip sections page. Once created, you can add the desired clip to one or more sections directly from Clips page using the green action button. There's also a special behavior in clip sections that allow you to automatically add clips to sections containing a specific hashtag. To use that, you just have to add a hash "#" in your sections name #ny2020 etc. Then all future uploads with this hashtag will be added to this section.


The script features a dedicated news area in app to keep your users engaged with additional, in-app content. You need to create news sections first from the Article sections page and news articles later to those sections using the Articles page.
In addition, the script also supports automatically adding news articles from Google News if configured properly. To enable that, you can browse your desired topic on Google News, extract the topic's ID from the URL and enter it into the Google news topic field on the article section. For e.g., the URL for India topic is and the topic ID from this URL is just the CAAqIQgKIhtDQkFTRGdvSUwyMHZNRE55YXpBU0FtVnVLQUFQAQ part. Also, add your local language code into Google news language field and save the section.
Then you can use the Crawl button on the article section details page to fetch new articles from that Google News topic. To automatically enable crawling of the articles every hour, make sure your have set up the cron job as part of server setup.


In the gifting system, users purchase (in-app) credits for real money. Then those who have (in-app) credits, they purchase and send gifts using the credits to other users. The gifts recipient can then redeem the gift for cash.
  1. 1.
    You sell 100 credits for $100.
  2. 2.
    The user buys a gift (with price of 100 credits and redeem value of $50) using 100 credits and sends to a user.
  3. 3.
    The recipient redeems it for $50.
  4. 4.
    You make $50 margin profit.
To set it up, first please make sure your app is approved on Play Console and your payments profile is set up. Then the setup flow is as follows:
  1. 1.
    Create a credit package from Credits page and leave the Play store ID field blank for now.
  2. 2.
    Then go to Play Console > (app) > Products > In-app products and create a product with same details and pricing. You may choose any Product ID as per your liking.
  3. 3.
    Now go back to admin panel, edit the previously created credit package and update the Play store ID with the one you chose in Play Console.
  4. 4.
    Then go to Items page to create giftable items.


Muly supports 4 ad networks (AdMob as standard, AdColony, Facebook & MobPub in premium) and custom image + link ads which you can even mix.
To show advertisements, you can create ad locations from Advertisements page. Not all ad types are supported everywhere, there are some specific locations and types combinations. Player can have only Native & Interstitial types of ad, News can have Native & Banner types while rest other only support the Banner type.

Referral rewards

In Premium version, users can be rewarded with credits (for use with gifting system) for referring new users to the app.
To enable, you need to put REFERRAL_ENABLED=true and REFERRAL_REWARD=n in .env file on server (replace n with number of credits you would like to reward e.g., 100). Make sure to also run below command in Muly's installation folder after updating the file.
php artisan config:cache
Please be noted this applied only to new user registrations, if existing users login using referral link then the referring user will not rewarded.